Our mission is to reduce anxiety and establish peace by maximizing the functionality in your space.

Work With Me

Chaotic feelings unravel, and there is ease and joy at the end. With a desire to intentionally bring others relief and untwist the clutter, Untwisted Sister Organization Solutions was launched to straighten your space and unwind your mind. 

By helping others, I’ve realized bringing order to an area reduces anxiety and overwhelm.

My love for problem-solving extended beyond my school years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida, I found satisfaction in reconciliations - still a puzzle, just finding efficiencies with numbers instead of pieces. While I excelled in accounting, in 2007, when my youngest child was born, I left the busy corporate world to be more intentional with my kids.

Fast forward to 2019, and that love to find solutions in the day-to-day continued to follow me. I began helping friends and family find ways to maximize their homes’ functionality through organizing. 

As the youngest of 5, I watched my mom operate our family-owned sandwich shop in my elementary years and then go on to work full-time, all while running a household on a shoestring budget. She had to find efficiencies and stay organized to keep our ship of 7 sailing smoothly. That knack for creative problem-solving influenced me at a young age. Much like my mom managing limited resources, I have always enjoyed a challenging puzzle with finite pieces and space to arrange. 

If you’ve ever wondered what gets someone from point A to B in life, I’ll share a bit of my journey to starting a professional organizing company.

Donna Martinez, Founder of Untwisted Sister Organizing Solutions

"Thanks to Donna's ideas and assistance, I finally cleared out/emptied my garage storage room of things that I have toted around the country for 30 years. She also provided excellent suggestions with respect to recycling/organizing/sorting through the accumulated "clutter." Donna's simple, common-sense approach helped me realize that "getting organized" is not the overwhelming chore I feared all these year."

"Untwisted Sister was a complete game changer during our move after our wedding. Everything around us was hectic, but they spared us the many headaches with the organizing, boxing and preparing us to swiftly and efficiently move during our transition."

"When my husband signed to play minor league baseball, we were concerned about our lack of organization from moving often. When Donna from Untwisted Sister came in, she organized not only our stuff but also our worries. Her unique and modern organizational systems have helped us to keep peace of mind no matter what state or team we are a part of!"

"Donna has provided comprehensive organization to me on two separate occasions this year. First, she came to organize a large walk-in storage closet that needed a LOT of purging and sorting.[...]
Donna went above and beyond to efficiently purge, organize and store my stuff. I have been extremely pleased with the results of her work. The end results have been decluttered, organized and inventoried spaces."



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